7 - 8 March, 2020, Shelton WA

Skookum Showdown 2020


Join Us On Our Inaugural Event
Skookum Showdown 2020

*Last meet before Optional State

*Come join us for our inaugural meet. Our benefits are a central Western Washington location with top notch AAI equipment and resort atmosphere.

*We will have a special march in under UV(black light) so bring your glow party items. All Athletes will receive special glow items.

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7 - 8 March, 2020, Shelton WA


For Coaches / Parents

Why join our meet

Need to qualify for Optional State?

Looking to qualify or get one more practice run in before Optional State? Do your Compulsory or Xcel athletes need another meet? We are your solution.

Loads of Amenities for Coaches, Judges and Parents

We have private balconies, food, beer and wine for purchase. Judges have their own private back stage area for privacy and coaches have their own private upper balcony area as well.

Resort Atmosphere

Skookum Event Center is next to the The Little Creek Resort which in cludes a Hotel w/swimming pool and spa, resturants, close parking, RV Park and a Casino. It is just 12 miles off the I-5 and the 101 interchage just outside Olympia WA

The Place

The Little Creek Event Center

Join the event

Meet Schedule

Admission: Adults - $10 / 17-under, Seniors, Miltary & First Responders - $5

Level 2: $55 / Level 3-5: $85 / Level 6-10: $95 / Xcel $55